There Really is a Difference – Being Truly Confessional

There is a difference between defaulting to a historic confession (Westminster, 2LCF, etc.) and actually submitting oneself to the confession as a faithful summary of Biblical Doctrine. There are some who feign adherence to a confession by proclaiming in their bio that they are WCF or 1689 and then in the next breath declaring a […]

A Short Book Review: Robot Theology by Joshua K. Smith

In his latest work, Robot Theology: Old Questions Through New Media, Joshua K. Smith surveys the current landscape of technology through the lens of orthodox evangelical theology. Like his previous work, Robotic Persons (the subject of his Ph.D. dissertation), Smith aptly deals with the subject at hand, albeit a subject that many evangelicals will find […]

My Rejected ETS Proposal

Here is the proposal that ETS rejected. Do you think I should turn this into a journal article? The Same God Who Judges All Things: Holiness in Irenaeus’ Defense Against Marcionism In his defense against the Marcionite heresy, Irenaeus highlights that God does not adjudicate lesser consequences for the sins of New Testament believers over […]